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From His Faithful Panza–

About M J Melneck


He sold his first poem at age 11–and got paid two mimeographed copies of The Poet’s Bulletin; he’s called himself a writer ever since.

U of Montana B.A. with Richard Hugo, James Crumley, Earl Ganz, Madeline DeFrees; U of Arkansas M.F.A. with William Harrison, James Whitehead, Miller Williams, John Clellon Holmes. Fiction/Non-fiction pubs in Colorado Quarterly, Pittsburgh Quarterly, Evergreen Review, Open Road, Handball, Childbirth Educator, CutBank, Northwest, Arkansas Times, Lincoln Journal Star, Arkansas Gazette, Business Week, Southern Motor Cargo, Motor, Athletic Enterprises, Greensboro Review; comedy skits for Ozark Mountain Hoedown, many more.

Home: Colorado

Wife: Pat

Dog: Molly 1.0 a/k/a BossyPants

Computers: Lenovo

Camera: Leica

Connect: LinkedIn (mjmelneck); WordPress (mjmelneck)

Obligatory writer jobs: bartender, funeral home dude, cement mason, necktie life…

Enough already–we don’t want him to go all fuzzy in the head now

Enjoy the pages–feedback welcome: