Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A Beautiful Dude

A Beautiful Dude
M J Melneck

Friday, 2/28/14, Main Street, Grand Junction, CO, Mid-day. I’m at a trade show with colleagues, and it’s my turn to break for lunch. I find a 50s retro diner, the Main Street Café, where the juke box music is right on, the waitstaff are in full period regalia, and the Reuben sandwich is so big I leave with half of it in a go-box

But it’s on the way back to the Expo Hall that the day takes on a special air. Sauntering along the sidewalk in front of me is a nattily dressed older man, steadied at the elbow by a younger woman I take to be his granddaughter. He wears a freshly pressed (you can tell) suit, and a bowler hat. As they turn to look into a shop window, I notice his crisp white shirt and bow tie. I assess his age at 90+ and smile at his clear, happy eyes. And here’s where this brief interlude makes my day. His suit pants are just so slightly too short, and he’s not wearing socks. Beautiful.

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